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Aluminium windows

We make aluminium windows - filling for window holes in buildings made with the use of modern aluminium systems.
Made as an unopenable window, pivoting window, pivoting and openable window, rotating window and serving window. We make window structures of thermally insulated profiles (so-called warm profiles) and without any insulation (cold, internal).
We offer a wide range of colours and structure fillings, e.g. glass, PVC panel, aluminium panel and accessories, e.g. mechanism for opening from floor level.

PVC in the Aluplast system

One of the most important issues wile designing houses is obtaining as airtight building as possible and eliminating creation of thermal bridges. To obtain a low demand for energy it is necessary to limit loss of warmth. Therefore, windows are immensely important in buildings as they are a significant element of their airtight construction. Our PVC windows, available in 5- and 6-chamber versions meet the highest standards.


  • Knotless square timber with three layers glued together.
  • ROTO NT multi-point tilt and turn fittings.
  • Pane strip with a lock
  • Low emission pane: U=1,oW/m2K .
  • High quality silicone mass.
  • Replacable seals.
  • SIGMA products are used for impregnation and lacquering.